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    Tuesday, May 29th, 2012
    1:46 am
    Maxine Hunkel
    The Wind Witch

    Alias: Cyclone


    FULL NAME: Maxine Hunkel
    NICKNAMES: Cyclone, Witch of the Wind, Red Tornado
    DATE OF BIRTH: July 18th, 1994
    PLACE OF BIRTH: Manhattan, New York

    OCCUPATION: Student, Metropolis University
    CURRENT RESIDENCE: Metropolis University, Dorm

    PARENTS: Ma Hunkel (Grandmother), Parents Deceased
    SIBLINGS: None
    Physical Appearance


    PB: Molly Quinn



    Dubbed "The Wind Witch", she is able to bend air directly around her, creating a cyclone or whirlwind. This can be used for hovering, flying, projecting blasts of air at a target, or summoning a restrictive whirlwind around a distant object. The greater the distance away the object is, the harder the "spell" is to control.

    Maxine's powers are similar to the being known as "The Red Tornado", but nowhere near as strong. She also lacks his metal skin and android form, as she is completely human.



    Maxine is susceptible to attacks and injury if not protected by a wind barrier or armor. Her abilities do not include healing or increased repair from damage, so if she sustains an injury in an altercation, she will need as much time to recover as a normal human being.

    Protection by wind barrier or cyclone is strong against attacks, but weak against magic. While she is called "The Wind Witch", Maxine's powers actually stem from nanobots, not true magic.

    Personality & Demeanor


    If she had friends, they might affectionately refer to her as "The Tornado Mouth". Bubbly and enthusiastic, Maxine delights in all of her interests with maximum capacity. However, this enthusiasm is often too much for others to withstand, or understand. As a result, Maxine has no close friends, and recently lost her first and only dorm-mate after the other young woman electively transferred out.

    Maxine's sweet personality and enthusiasm masks a deep depression stemming from her isolation and traumatic events in her childhood (please see "Personal History") She knows that her exuberance chases others away, and causes her to remain alone and friendless.

    She is bright and has an SAT score of 1300, and until college, was home-schooled by her grandmother, "Ma" Hunkel.
    Personal History


    Maxine is the granddaughter Abigail Hunkel. At age six, she was kidnapped by the inventor of the being known as Red Tornado, T.O. Morrow. Morrow intended on perfecting his creation further, this time without the physical damage and creation of an android. Injecting her with nanobots, Maxine was granted the powers of wind manipulation.

    She wouldn't learn of these abilities until her teenage years, when a sneeze destroyed part of the family home, and then when she awoke upon a tornado of her own creation.

    Maxine is a bright young woman who is only held back by her voracious and sometimes hard to handle enthusiasm for the things she loves. She has taken a step out of her protective shell and moved to Metropolis, in order to attend college. She is a theater major, loves fashion and costumes, and has a deep respect and love of superheroes.
    Writing Sample


    "I cannot BELIEVE this is our first week of college!!"

    "Yeah that's great, and I heard about some parties--"

    "I'm in college! And I have a dorm-mate, ohmygosh my FIRST dorm-mate! And we're going to be best friends forever, and I'll have to write Ma about you!!"

    "… Yeah, okay? So which side of the room do you--"

    "Do have a boyfriend? Does he go here too, is he in a frat? I heard that everyone does fraternities and stuff, and sometimes they make you stay up all night, like some kind of test. Do you study in the library or in the dorm? I'll probably do both, I bet the library is MUCH quieter and do you like superheroes? I have all these posters of some of them, like Superman and Captain America, did you know that I started a Superhero Appreciation Club? No one came back after the first meeting, but I still showed up, and talked about Superman and Supergirl and"

    A week later, Tiffany transferred out, not bothering to inform Maxine of her decision, or give her notice. Maxine simply returned from one of her sewing classes to find the other half of the room empty, no note. A follow up with the dorm advisor, she learned that Tiffany had claimed "incompatible differences" and she "didn't want to hear about how amazing Superman was again, or how much she wished she could meet Black Canary."

    For the rest of her first semester, Maxine Hunkel retreated into her dorm-room alone, to sew and study.


    Name: Katie
    Time Zone: CST
    AIM: fullyramblonic2
    Journal Name: thewindwitch


    Did you read the rules? Yup
    What's the character limit? 5 unless you would like a villian
    What would you like to do with the character? Maxine very much needs interaction with others, despite her personality quirks. She's moved to Metropolis in order to socialize with others her age, and not just her grandmother. I'd like to see her interact with the Teen Titans or younger mutants.
    How do you think the character can be integrated with the other universe? She'd be thrilled to meet someone with another unique ability, and help do her part to do good. Maxine would probably fit in best around others her age, with powers.
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